Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Filipe Nery steps in for saving garbage-hit Chinchinim spring



Water Resources Minister Filipe Nery Rodrigues has asked the Chinchinim  village panchayat to file a police complaint  against the dumping of garbage near the eco-sensitive Bondkevoll spring, which is famous for its medicinal properties.

Taking cognisance of a news report in ‘The Navhind Times’, Rodrigues asked the panchayat to lodge a police complaint against those who create  nuisance at the spring.

He also asked officials of the water resource department to address the issues concerning the spring, including maintenance of the water  tank at the spring.

‘The Navhind Times’ had highlighted the concerns of the villagers over  the  spring, which has turned into a garbage dumping ground.

Rodrigues said the  miscreants causing nuisance at Digabandh should also be brought to book.

Surveillance technology could be used to monitor the bandh area to prevent those dumping animal waste into the water body. Or  a person can be engaged to keep an eye  on the embankment round-the-clock so as to shoo away the miscreants.

The villagers have urged  the water resource department to explore potential to develop Durga lake as a  tourism spot for migratory bird watching.

They made a representation to the  Water Resources Minister to explore the possibility of developing the area around the lake as a potential tourist attraction, as the lake attracts migratory birds.

The lake could also be developed for boating, the villagers opined.     However, they warned that the ecologically sensitive area should not be overexploited as it could have an adverse impact on the fragile ecosystem.

The minister asked the villagers to submit a memorandum to the department which would be taken up for consideration.

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