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Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa upset with Talak


In light of the incidents that took place at Kala Academy on Thursday, the Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa expressed their displeasure over the conduct of the Vice Chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa Rajendra Talak.

In a statement, the Federation stated that the Goan filmmakers strongly condemn the act of abusing the visiting delegates and extended their apologies to all those who had faced inconvenience on account of misbehaviour and mismangement by ESG office bearer.

The statement went on to refer to Talak as a ‘habitual abuser’ and that Goan film maker Laxmikant Shetgaonkar and other local film makers and their crew were met with a similar treatment in the past. The statement read: “People of Goa will never forget his arrogant behaviour and step motherly treatment given to the cast and crew of ‘Hello Gandhe Sir’, the controversy during the red carpet walk of film actress Rati Agnihotri and the insult made to a Goan delegate during the ‘Open Forum’ event at Inox Courtyard wherein Vani Tripathi had to intervene and pacify the delegate.”

The federation has further alleged a collapse in the administration and management of Entertainment Society of Goa and has attributed this to Vice Chairmanship of Rajendra Talak. They point out to his failure in retaining the official programming sections of IFFI which were under Entertainment Society of Goa like ‘Goa on Celluloid’, ‘Indian Premier Section’, ‘Retrospective’, ‘Country Focus’ etc.

The federation includes personalities like Dynaneshwar Govekar as the acting president, Augie D’Mello as the secretary, Pramod Salgaoncar as an executive member among others.

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