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Fears of being a photographer


It’s but natural to fear about anything new you are trying. It may be learning to fly a plane, drive a car, making butter chicken and holding a camera for the first time. Fear is an emotion to which we all relate to.

Most common fear among students of photography is, not knowing what you are doing or what and how to hold a camera.

Like any form of art one need to completely throw yourself into that art form without the feeling of going wrong. I believe you have to go wrong or else you can never learn. More mistakes, more you learn. World can be cruel to the mistake you are doing. Many times, acceptance is the key to overcome your fear of being inexperience and remind yourself that we all start somewhere as new and amateurs at some point.  And keep going.

Second fear is of people not appreciating your work.

Art or photography by nature is super subjective.  Some may like your work some may reject it as each person will view your images and make judgments based on their experiences.

Only way out is don’t expect all your photos to be good all the time, even three great exposure make me happy and content in a day’s shoot. Like a quote from Ansel Adams, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”  So just work hard toward taking images and the rest what the world says to your work is out of your hands—good or bad.

Another fear is the fear to photograph people on streets. Anxiety is the word, especially when I walk with my camera in my hand in public domain. But I love street photography as I plan to remain invisible and so does my camera, by making my camera not obviously visible or keeping my clothing subtle when on shoots.  It’s better to do so as you never know how the subject may react. Forget humans, I have seen cows and dogs behave strange when being photographed.

I think a simple answer to this is being comfortable with your camera. Make it part of your attire. Practice short excursions around your street or colony before venturing out.

Next big and common fear is of not having good photography gear. Many a times one may have more gears than photographs clicks on your card. So envy good images rather than gear , I agree it’s totally important to have best equipments, it’s like having the latest mobile or car in market. But  even if it is a cheapest model or the most expensive model of camera, it does the same kind of work.

How to overcome this fear? Stop focusing on what you don’t have instead make most of what you have. This does not mean that you adjust to situation. Study the capability of the gear you have to its best. If you have realistic expectations than they won’t be prone to doing wrong things a artist or photographer can do.


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