Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Essence of pan India under one roof

To provide food enthusiasts some quality food and a taste of different cuisines from across the country under one roof the Marriott Resort & Spa will host the Culinary Journey of India festival till August 20. NT BUZZ brings you the details


This monsoon the Waterfront Terrace and Bar, an all-day dining multi-cuisine restaurant at the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa showcases a plethora of flavours from across the country. With vibrant hues, fresh produce crafted to tantalise the taste buds of every person who wants to indulge in a pan-Indian fare. The festival is worth visiting as it offers ten days of sumptuous buffets, live stations and brunches. The Goa Marriott has created a gustatory journey, moving state by state with stopovers at Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, the home state of Goa, followed by Hyderabad, Kebab and Chaat from all over India, a peek into the Awadhi style of cooking, and that of the Peshwari (Maharashtrian) cuisine and Bengali food.

A sample meal was served to us so we could get a gist of all that’s on offer. So we began our journey with the Prawn Koliwada from Maharashtra – crisply fried prawns with ajwain, gram flour and chilli powder, followed by Hyderabad’s Charminar Patti Samosa – a small sized samosa filled with spiced lamb or spiced potato mixtures, depending on your preferences.

The mains served to us covered a wide spectrum of cuisines and made a point in capturing the true essence of one nation in one plate. The Punjabi Ambarsari Tawa Macchi, fish simmered with onion, tomatoes and chillies and finished with a dash of lemon and coriander or the simple every day north Indian staple of Rajma Rasila – kidney beans cooked with spices and tomatoes with a tadka. Goan foodies cannot miss out on the Chicken Cafreal, the succulent chicken cubes tossed with green masala and served with traditional homemade poi was just heavenly. Another unusual site on the menu was the Arcot Mutton Chop, lamb chops simmered with green chillies and coriander and mint blend, a delicacy in Tamil Nadu, pack a punch like its creator Chef Uday.

The brain behind the Bengali fair is Chef Maity who has brought dishes like the Baigun Bhaja – slices of eggplant marinated with ginger and garlic and then pan fried. Chef Rajesh’s Maharashtrian dishes are not to be missed either. The Masala Bhat with seasonal vegetables and long grain rice was a delight, we were told it would go well with the Mutton Kholapuri. The Hyderbadi Paneer Timatar Ka Cut has that perfect balance of tang and sweet combining cottage cheese cubes cooked in smooth tomato gravy flavoured with curry leaves leaving you wanting more with each mouthful.

The Awadhi cuisine instantly grabs your attention with the Galouti Kebab, a popular dish from Uttar Pradesh which was a divine experience, as the lamb was perfectly minced and combined with explosive spices served on a crisp sheermal. The Khoya Kubani Ke Kofte, on first site, this dish is unassuming but the aromas that flowed from the bowl were compelling. Succulent apricot and condensed milk dumplings simmered in a silky cashew nut and melon seed gravy brought back the grandeur of a bygone era. Moving onto Rajasthan which was heavily influenced by the Rajput’s who were or rather are predominantly non-vegetarians, but chef Pavan Chennam chose to get on our plate the vegetarian Gatta Curry. This curry comprised of gram flour dumplings flavoured with dry coriander and mustard and then steamed till tender are then submerged in spicy yoghurt gravy.

A vast range of desserts are on the platter to satisfy your sweet tooth. Kesari Phirni, rice and milk gruel flavoured with rose water and saffron had the right balance of sweet and creaminess. The Ghevar, a crisp gram flour disc dunked in sugar syrup and condensed milk and the local Seradura, Goan biscuit and cashew cream dessert flavoured made the perfect end to the hearty Indian meal. All in all, this festival really is a whirlwind of everything Indian and it’s truly a culinary journey.

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