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End of the road for the Nano car

Tata Motors has stopped production of its ambitious and dream project Nano. The automaker is currently producing the small hatchback only on made to order basis. In June only one unit of the car was built compared to 275 units produced in same month last year. Despite being a revolutionary product, poor sales and steep decline in demand have forced the homegrown brand to stop Nano’s production.

Tata Nano was launched almost 10 years ago as the brain child of Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of Tata Sons. Since the very beginning the car has seen turmoil starting with setting up the factory in Singur to the poor sales number. The philosophy behind this small car was to offer Indians a car at a very affordable price. To be precise, this came as the cheapest car of the world.

Despite being a very practical product, Tata Nano couldn’t fetch the desired response from buyers. Tata Motors tried to boost its sales by introducing variants and even an AMT as well. However, the grim scenario didn’t change much. Now, with the regular production of the car stopped, Tata is planning to roll out an electric variant of the car. Considering the fact that India is moving towards zero emission mobility, Nano EV could be a very good option for the buyers in future. With the Tiago and Tigor already received electric powertrain technology there could be a Nano electric soon on Indian roads.

Earlier there were reports that dealers had stopped placing orders for the Nano and are looking to clear the pending inventory soon. The car suffered from a sharp decline in the dispatches to double digits.

According to popular sources, the Tata vendors have not yet asked the company to start developing BS VI compliant engines, which means that the car may not be in the market after 2020. Tata Motors has not yet revealed any official word about the future of the petrol-powered Nano, but the revelations from the vendors prove that the company is not making any attempts to push the product any further.

In October 2017 just 57 units of the Nano were shipped compared to 726 units in October 2016. The company is presently focusing on producing and pushing products that have a higher margin. The Tigor and Tiago are presently the two cars that account for a majority of sales in the company’s retail story.

Though the Nano moniker may seem to be nearing an end soon, it was said that the car would be continued in the form of Jayem Neo, which is the electric version of the Nano. The Jayem Neo is expected to  be produced and marketed by Jayem Automobiles, which is a company based in Coimbatore. This EV is designed and produced solely for the cab fleet operators. In this development, Tata’s role will be to manufacture and supply the body-shell of the car to Jayem Automobiles.

The present Nano GenX is powered by a 624-cc engine which produces a maximum power of 33 bhp along with a peak torque of 45 Nm and the power is sent down to the rear wheels. Auto Portal

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