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Encouraging classroom creativity

Teacher at Perpetual Succour Convent High School, Abigail Alvares recently received national recognition for Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives, by creating a novel method to make parents participatory partners in a child’s academic growth. The award was presented at a function in New Delhi organised by ministry of human resource development, Government of India. The award was initiated by Aurbindo Society and awarded to various teachers in seven categories across the country.

Alvares started teaching at Perpetual Succour Convent High School, Navelim and took to motivation as a tool to encourage the child to perform better in their academics and overall development. Alvares informed after a few months of teaching that she noticed that some children were not paying attention to studies while there was also a lack of interest from the parents in the performance of the child and something had to be done to get both on board.

She informed that it was then that she decided to encourage the child to perform better in class and started awarding two stars to the child for every good deed; one for the child and the other to be carried back home to be given to the parents.

This made a big difference in the approach of children who started taking more effort in improving themselves.

Alvares said the idea was later developed into leader boards in class which opened a fair playing ground for all the children to improve. She said that encouraging community participation is the objective of the activity where the parents and students focus together on increasing positive learning outcomes.  She further stated that the healthy competition among parents is measured through the report chart. She said this helped a lot especially with children who would under perform their abilities while parents also reciprocate and take more interest in the overall development of the child as the parents leave no stone unturned to improve the performance of the child and the performance is listed during the parents-teachers meetings the subsequent months. Alvares is among 26 teachers who were selected in various categories from across the state.

Headmistress of Perpetual Succour High School, Sr Santana Goes said it is a moment of great  pride for the school and the efforts put by the Alvares will surely help teachers emulate and encourage the children to perform better.

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