Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Electricity dept warns against illegal use of power generators

Panaji: Stating that the use of power generators without permission is illegal, the state electricity department has warned to initiate criminal action against the defaulters.

The department has said that as per the Indian Electricity (IE) Rules, 1956, no consumer or occupier can commission his power generator of a capacity exceeding 10KW without the approval in writing of the department.

“Generators with less capacity can be installed without obtaining permission but if the capacity is 10KW or more then they ought to have the approval of the department which is mandatory as per the IE Rules,” executive engineer C H Rajagopalan said. He said that if the consumers fail to follow this direction then the department can file a criminal case against the defaulter and drag him/ her to court.

“The supplier of the generator has to maintain a record of test results obtained at each supply point to the consumer, in a form to be approved by the inspector. If as a result of such inspection and test, the supplier is satisfied that the installation is likely to constitute danger, he shall serve on the applicant a notice in writing requiring him to make such modifications as are necessary to render the installation safe. The supplier may refuse to connect or reconnect the supply until the required modifications have been completed and he has been notified by the applicant,” reads the IE Rules 1956.

The rules also define precautions against leakages that may occur. They state that “the supplier shall not connect with his works the  installation or apparatus on the premises of any applicant for supply unless he is reasonably satisfied that the connection will not, at the time of making the connection, cause a leakage from the installation or apparatus of a magnitude detrimental to safety.”

Rajagopalan urged consumers to abide by the rules and regulations for their own safety and also for the safety of people residing in the area or else face action by the department.

He said that consumers need not seek permission for the installation of inverters. However, they ought to check and ensure that the safety standards are maintained by the product company.

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