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Electricity dept treads cautiously on blackouts




The electricity department on Thursday claimed that the power supply in the state is back to normal and there are no major issues with the power supply.

“As of today there are no issues with the power supply in the state. The initial problems, which the department normally faces around this time of the year, have been solved  and we don’t think that they will recur,” said executive engineer C H Rajagopalan.

He, however, said the success of the pre-monsoon maintenance work will depend on how the power supply infrastructure works in the next three days when Goa is expected to witness heavy rain.

Rajagopalan also  said the executive engineers, assistant engineers, and junior engineers have been instructed to immediately stop all the planned shutdowns and to resort to blackouts only in case if substations plan to carry out the work for trimming the branches of the trees which falls on power lines.

“Henceforth shutdowns will be limited and it will not exceed five hours,” he said.

He further said the department will soon undertake shutdown in Panaji to complete the pending work. He, however, assured that people will not

be put to hardship and it will be just minor interruptions.

“In the city, we have installed new equipment which needs to be connected to the line. Hence we may call for a shutdown either this Sunday or the next Sunday as it is an ideal time to undertake the work to feed the areas affected from other sources of power supply.  We will ensure that the inconvenience is minimised to the consumers,” he said.


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