Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Educate girl child, support her dreams, urges Governor

PANAJI: Governor Mridula Sinha has extended greetings on the occasion of Women’s Day. In her message, she said, “Women’s Day is a day to reminisce the achievements of ‘Sheroes’, and pay respect to their strength and hard work. A woman is a delicate and yet a tough creation of God filled with immense kindness. She battles through different kinds of struggle every day, may be as mother, daughter, wife or sister to make a mark for herself. All 365 days are women’s day. Education has given a lot of confidence and courage to women, which has in turn helped her evolve intellectually and emotionally. Her role has changed with time from a housewife to a ‘working woman’.”

“She is no more confined within the four walls, because her education has revealed new path to her outside these confines. Education has boosted her confidence to voice her opinions and overcome her fears in the open world. I know of some people who look down upon a girl child when she is born. Such unwelcome approach to welcome a wonderful creation of God? Why? I pity their thinking. There is nothing in the world that a girl cannot do. Give them education and encouragement to pursue their dreams, I am sure she will turn into a confident and successful woman one day. Woman is an equal and special component of society needed for its smooth running, and any kind of discouragement or non conducive atmosphere for her development will totally imbalance the society,” the Governor further added.

The Governor also urged everyone to educate the girl child, support her dreams and treat her with respect.

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