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Earth Deserves Love, Save Her


A peaceful and healthy nature and environment can go  a long way in promoting peace and tranquillity among human beings and the surroundings.  Maintaining a fine balance between usage and wastage is important to fight natural calamities.  A study has shown that the pressure exerted on the planet has doubled the last 50 years while the rich natural resources we depend upon have declined by more than 30  per cent.  The conservation of nature is very vital because many scientists have otherwise warned of mass extinctions.  The concrete jungle of today requires to be transformed into a green heaven.  Spending more time with nature is known to increase happiness and longevity.  Therefore, it is imperative to preserve and protect the nature so that the people benefit from its largesse.   Water and energy, paper and fuel – all be prudently used.    Nowadays, awareness on the hazards of using  plastic bags has percolated through the society but  more needs to be done. Conservation of ecotourism is paramount to sustain the nature.   The proliferation of skyscrapers has resulted in destruction of green cover.  As a result, trees have made way for buildings. Fossil fuels and minerals are being degraded.  Space is a rare commodity in large cities. Industrial growth has taken the sheen off the natural earth cover.  The consequence of industrialisation is air pollution and its crippling effects. Citizens are to be  made aware of how drastic shift in natural environment can lead to morbidity and mortality.   The judicious utilisation of waste is key to augment productivity and entrepreneurship.  It may not be coincident  that even as the world is geared up to observe the World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, the International Tiger Day awaits the big cat’s connoisseurs  very next day.


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