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Drive launched to create awareness among passengers on road safety

Panaji: With an aim to promote road safety and discipline, the Panaji traffic police have launched a special drive to create awareness among passengers of intra-state buses on issues of road safety.

The drive will be undertaken fortnightly with focus on safety of passengers as well as adherence to traffic rules by bus drivers and conductors. On Friday, the Panaji traffic police team led by its in-charge, PI Brendan De Souza had an hour-long interaction with passengers at the KTC bus stand in the city.

“Our idea is to bring about a change in road discipline especially among passenger buses. Through this drive we intend to spread awareness among passengers on road safety as well as the bus drivers and conductors,” said De Souza, adding, “The drive will be helpful in the long run.”

Police during the drive on Friday randomly chose buses, be it KTC or private and passengers, while boarding or those seated in the bus, were distributed leaflets on road safety along with a booklet of traffic rules.

 “We asked passengers to report to police if the driver of the bus is overspeeding or racing with another passenger bus,” said De Souza, adding, “Also in case the driver is talking on the mobile phone while driving, if the door is open while the bus is in motion, overcrowding and so on.” “If there is any traffic violation, without any hesitation or fear inform it to the police on 112 or the Panaji traffic cell. Necessary action will be initiated against the concerned passenger bus driver/conductor,” De Souza told passengers in one of the buses.

This was done in the presence of bus driver and the conductor, “as it will also make them cautious about road safety,” said De Souza. “Be watchful”, De Souza, who has conceptualised the awareness drive, told the passengers. Some passengers who were taken by surprise of such a drive appreciated efforts of the police on road safety especially pertaining to passenger buses.

De Souza said that he thought of conducting such a drive owing to the issues related to overcrowding in buses, doors being kept open while the bus is in motion and so on. “So we decided to go to the passengers directly while they are boarding the bus and tell them to inform us if they notice any violation. They can even record or click photo of the violation on their mobile phone,” said De Souza.

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