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Drainage, sewage issues need attention in Curchorem


CURCHOREM: With elections to Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council being round the corner, locals say that issues including drainage, sewage-related will have to be resolved by the new council. The councillors, chairperson and MLA claim that all is well in the CCMC area; however, there are issues which have not been attended to for the last few years despite demands from the people.

President of Curchorem Merchants Association Anil Maad Kamat condemned the approach of the civic authorities towards the drainage system in the market area that has been neglected.

Sometime back some residents had raised concern over the sewage issue and thereafter a joint inspection was carried out by CCMC and health authorities. Notices were also issued to some establishments, but there was no action taken.

The sewage gets collected in the open space in front of the newly-constructed fire station building at Curchorem and the spot has turned into a breeding site for mosquitoes. People residing in the vicinity have expressed concern over the problem.

Several malaria cases were detected in the area where there is no toilet facility for the last 10 years.

Social worker Shailesh Sanzgiri, when contacted, said that “though the panchayats and municipal councils are autonomous bodies, they do not have financial powers. The government should provide adequate grants to these local bodies for development in their areas.”

Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral, when contacted, informed that for the first time government grants of rupees one crore were allotted to each ward of CCMC. “The councillors know how the funds were utilised in their respective wards. The garbage disposal problem will be settled once for all once the GTP is constructed in the CCMC area. Presently, the project has been kept pending,” he said, adding “Such a plant is being constructed at Calangute. Once that project is completed it will be studied in depth and then only the work of GTP at Curchorem will be undertaken.”

“Hot-mix carpeting of different roads has been done and several other projects including the bus stand and municipal administrative building are underway,” the MLA said.

Ex-chairperson Jasmine Braganza said that important projects like beautification of the wards were undertaken during her tenure.

Ex-deputy chairperson Pradip Naik expressed satisfaction over development work  carried out in his ward. The covering of drains with slabs, however, remained incomplete due to the code of conduct, he said.

Ex-councillor Pushkal Sawant said that there is no drinking water problem in his ward. A tender of Rs 1.20 crore has been passed for maintenance and construction of drainage in his ward, he added.

Chartered accountant Pradip Kakodkar, who had headed ‘Mission Bypass’ agitation, is not satisfied with the functioning of CCMC administrative staff. The staff has failed to collect different types of taxes which are the main source of revenue.

“Merely depending on government grants will not help. There should be an effective system to recover the taxes. There should also be regular assessment of taxes,” he said.

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