Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Don’t help drug peddlers, Chander exhorts Goans




Outgoing Director General of Police Muktesh Chander has urged Goans not to help anyone, including foreigners, indulging in criminal activities especially drug trade.

Chander, who has been transferred to Delhi, said that during his stint “we tried to make a lot of improvement in prevention, detection and investigation of crime”.

Road fatalities have come down by around 20 per cent owing to  the sustained efforts on road safety, education, prosecution and other measures, said  Dr Chander, who  had taken the charge of Goa DGP on April 11, 2016.

“Don’t support foreigners or other people who indulge in crime,”  Chander advised the people of Goa, adding that support structure to several drug dealers comes from local people – without knowing the accused, people rent out their houses and give vehicles on hire. They also help drug case accused in bail matters.

He said that owing to the drive against the drug trade there has seen an exponential rise in the number of drug cases, which rose from 61 cases in 2015 to around 222 cases in 2018.

Many drug peddlers, including foreigners, have gone underground owing to the crackdown on the drug trade, Chander claimed.

“They are not to be seen after the crackdown began. They have gone underground. The drive has forced the peddlers to go into hiding,” he said.

Chander said that he is satisfied with the work he has done, and that he would have preferred to serve the state if he had more time.

“I am going on my own. I had requested for transfer in December last year, as from next month I will be attending the Chevening India cyber security fellowship at the Cranfield University, UK,” the outgoing DGP said.

Chander is very happy that his brainchild – traffic sentinel scheme – has been a big hit.

When asked to comment on the future of the scheme, he said, “I am sure that the new DGP will also take the scheme forward.”

“All sanctions for the traffic sentinel scheme are in place including the notification.  No one needs to worry of the sentinels if they are obeying traffic laws. There would not be any need of sentinels if everybody obeys traffic laws, and obeying the traffic laws is in the interest of people safety,” he reckoned.

He said the traffic sentinel scheme has received special jury award at the smart policing awards of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi.

The scheme has also got the SKOCH award.

“The Bureau of Police Research and Development has taken it as a pilot project for implementing the scheme all over the country. So there is nothing wrong with the traffic sentinel scheme. There is legal validity to the scheme. It is as per the Motor Vehicle Act… All the unfounded allegations on the misuse are nothing but hearsay. Nobody has made any specific allegations,” Chander claimed.

On crime prevention, he said, “We have tried to make a lot of improvements in prevention, detection and investigation of crime. But the emerging field of cyber crime economic offence is something where a lot of expertise, training, equipment and coordination with other states are needed.”

Highlighting the role of public in preventing cyber crime, the outgoing DGP said, “Cyber safety should be adopted and awareness on the part of the user is important. It becomes difficult to catch cyber criminal as they are in any corner of the country or abroad.”

Commenting on the issue of crime against women, Dr Chander said, “I would say that there is nothing alarming; the women are safe (in Goa).”

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