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DONA PAULA: Dona Paula which was once serene and scenic is no more so. The location, which is in a dismal state, plunges into darkness after dusk as the lights there have become non-functional. The place bears the haunted appearance as the night takes over.
The high mast lamp erected at the foot of the statue of Dona Paula has been rendered non-functional due to the lack of maintenance while at some places there are only electric fixtures with no bulbs.
The jetty was renovated recently by spending around Rs 60 crore by the Tourism Department. But, the authorities have failed to maintain it.
The place, which is located at a distance of 7 km from the capital city of Panaji attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. The locals flock to the site during the summer, and the youngsters can be seen angling there during the monsoon.
In the absence of lights, the tourists are scared to visit the jetty during the nighttime. The locals, who sell the readymade garments and other decorative seashell items have been complaining of thefts. Thieves on pretext of angling at the jetty rob expensive garments and other items under the cover of darkness.
The locals have also been complaining of water logging in front of their shops due to which they have been losing out on the business.
They informed that they have approached the authorities over the issue besides the non-functional lights.
They want the area illuminated and security cover provided at the jetty so that they can carry out business during the late hours so also their goods are protected.
With the authorities stopping the vehicular traffic to the jetty, and also
the tour buses not making it to the site, the shopkeepers are sore as their business has taken a severe beating.

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