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Do it right at Divo

Divo Café & Bar threw open its doors on the busy Calangute-Baga road recently. With great music and food that caters to various tastes, it offers favourites from around the world along with some classics too

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Divo Café & Bar offers both, luxury and a chic ambience together on the busy Calangute-Baga road. The interiors mostly in grey complement the vibrancy of yellow and red that still give you the sense of dining in a café.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this place is attracting Goans and tourists, both foreign and domestic – the vibe and offerings are such. Also with either live music or a DJ on most nights, it’s nothing short of a party place on the coastal belt; in fact it is a perfect choice on a crowded weekend. It also offers some great Egyptian shisha.

A place for everyone, the comfort food on offer is not limited to homemade pizza and pasta, burgers and sandwiches, but also includes authentic Mexican, Mediterranean and a few Oriental dishes, besides favourites like sizzlers and more.

Being a weekend, we decided to try out some cocktails for the mere fact that some cocktails had really quirky names. The ‘4th of July’, a favourite I was told, had white and dark rum along with mango and strawberry and was refreshing. Depending on the kind of base you like you can opt for a coffee flavoured ‘Black Magic Women’ or vodka-based ‘Feel The Jalapeno’ which is sweet and sour, besides others like ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Summer of 69’.

Chef Manas Kumar Patra who has extensive experience of over 20 years in Mexican and continental cuisine is the star of Divo. Not only did he have a major role to play in curating the menu after food aficionados gave their valuable feedback, he also sets the ball rolling for guests, offering suggestions and making sure you have a great dining experience.

We began with a Chef’s special seafood salad that was light and simple in flavour, the tuna balls were made to perfection. A play on fish fingers and cheese balls, these crumb fried delights soaked in the goodness of tuna stuffed with olive, cheese, pesto were served with salad and some Aji Amarillo sauce.

For those who love Mediterranean food, the Shish Taouk – grilled chicken brochettes marinated with tomato chilli pesto, garlic, yoghurt and served with some spicey sauce and salad was extremely tasty. The appearance made me think it would give me a spice trip, but it was marinated with just the right amount of spice that complemented the other hints of flavours. There are also a few oriental options like Chilli Udang and Prawns Tempura to tryout.

Everything served to us was devoured. The beef sizzler was made to perfection, and served with some vegetables and fries. On a rather crowded Saturday night, the sizzle sure did draw quite the attention to our table. The beef chunks in a creamy sauce were just perfect after gulping down a few cocktails.

For pizza fans, the flat homemade pizzas in different combinations can get any party started at Divo. The pan-grilled red snapper in lemon butter sauce was not just a pretty sight to behold but a dish that stood out.

The desserts too are good to go with. If you love coffee, blindly opt for the Tiramisu, it won’t disappoint. The Oreo madness that I chose was a sandwich of crushed Oreo biscuits with a large chunk of vanilla ice cream in between.

A hip place that also has outdoor seating; I left a little before midnight, but the party at Divo was just getting started.

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