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DMC began its ‘Mantra Lecture Series’


Department of English, Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College and Research Centre, Assagao began its ‘Mantra Lecture Series’ with the first lecture by chief medical officer, SV National Institute of Technology, Surat, Sanjay Shah on the topic ‘Silent Killer’.

The talk was organised in collaboration with the Rotary Club, Miramar.  Employing various thought-provoking videos and citing personal experiences, Shah, explained the seriousness of tobacco addiction and its repercussions and at the same time, propagated the message of being proactive and pro-life.

He advised students to refrain from using tobacco in any form stating that the best time to abstain from using tobacco was before one begins. The health hazards and complications arising from the long-term use of tobacco like cancer, heart diseases were succinctly highlighted by him by showing appropriate audio-visual aids and empirical data.

Shah said most smoking-related deaths arise from cancers and also reduces fertility in men and women. Despite the statutory warning on the cigarette packs, most people turn a blind eye and continue with the bad habit, he said. The new challenges posed by e-cigarettes and the prevalent danger of passive smoking also came under discussion with Shah clarifying misconceptions regarding it.

Noel Britto provided expert advice on what to do in case of emergency by demonstrating the CPR technique as most often a lapse of even a few minutes can be critical resulting in loss of a life.  He said: “If you see someone collapse on the ground and they’re unresponsive and have no pulse, CPR could be given which could save someone’s life.” A few students were also encouraged to practice it in order to equip them with the necessary skill and then teach it to others.

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