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Discovering the secrets in home kitchens

While many of us are addicted to restaurant food, today, awareness about health and healthy eating habits is at an all-time high. Even so, with increased working hours and related pressures, cooking at home for the young professionals can be a struggle. In a bid to cater to this love for home cooked food, the Goa Home Food app (GHF) has recently been launched. While people can now avail of home cooked food at the click of a button, home chefs meanwhile can look at the app as an opportunity at entrepreneurship, freedom from boredom (especially during these unprecedented times), honing talent or just plain passion.

Home chefs can register themselves either by visiting the website (, downloading the app, or giving a call. The home kitchens may initially add up to three main and three side dishes to their profile – until they are comfortable and satisfied with the progress on their accounts, following which they will be able to add more dishes.

Each dish will be described as proposed by the home chef, supported by pictures; costing of the same will be mutually agreed upon, prior to going live on the app. Packing material will be supplied by GHF and training on packing/parceling will be provided upon request.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and will provide an interface for placing orders from the dishes introduced by the home chefs. Each chef will have a brief persona to support a particular style of cooking or cuisine. For example, there may be chicken masala being cooked by four different home chefs, each from the four corners of India, in their respective styles.

Foodies will be provided a means for constructive feedback and a system of rating the dishes; chef’s personas will depict the same.

Chefs and foodies will be provided with a phone number for support on their orders. Bulk or party orders, regular tiffins or other significantly different orders, may be accepted on

the phone.

GHF’s pilot run is in Vasco and Margao. (Details:

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