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Winning mathematics, science and English Olympiads is what Nathan Sequeira loves doing best. With three gold medals last year in various Olympiads, he has repeated the feat this year with an enviable state rank of 2nd in the International Math Olympiad. NT Kuriocity catches up with the talented lad to find out more about him.

Dinosaurs and Olympiads


Maria Fernandes | NT KURIOCITY

Everyone knows me as: Nathan Alex Sequeira

I am in this world for the past: Ten years

Class: Four

I go to: Navyug Niketan Kidzee School, Miramar

My favourite subjects:  Maths, Science and General Knowledge

To me Math and Science are: Absolutely fun and educational subjects. I love solving puzzles and problems in Maths. In science I love to learn about the universe and animal kingdom specially dinosaurs.

According to me a competition is: Not only about winning or losing. It is a platform to increase memory power, build confidence in our abilities and just have fun.

I look up to: My mother who encourages me to do my best and achieve my dreams. She is my rock.  My family who always supports and encourages me and God who helps me follow the right path always.

My favourite books: Books on dinosaurs as well as adventure and mystery books.

I love to: Play music on my keyboard, read books as well as write short stories and comics.

The wind beneath my wings: My mum

Balancing studies, music and games: Is very easy as ever since I started school, I have been following a time table set by my mother. It gives me time to play music, study, play games as well as watch some television. I follow this routine every day.

Some of the feathers in my cap are: Besides doing well at the Olympiads, I have also got 95 per cent at the 2nd grade at the Trinity College of Music London, keyboard exam.

My ambition: To be a pianist, travel the world and visit the Smithsonian Museum and learn more about extinct animals.

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