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Digital Crackers The In Thing

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

The pollution levels in Delhi were way above the most dangerous limits before Diwali. Scientists and doctors have spelt out the dangers for us and the stunted future generation resulting as a consequence thereof. Why do we want to further increase poison in the gas chamber we are living in? Because of some  traditions and customs our superstitious, misogynistic ancestors were following in different times? Why cannot we change as progressive, enlightened citizens?  Because we are emotional, our sentiments are hurt and so we want to poison ourselves, kill others and the future generation by our senseless actions? Does it make any sense?  We prove our stupidity daily in our undisciplined road traffic behavior, Sabarmati temple dispute, bursting of Diwali crackers, burning effigies to celebrate good over evil, adding one more nail to the coffin of mankind, behaving in the most evil manner poisoning the Earth and ourselves! If we must have crackers, why not project digital crackers on a huge screen/ towers. The Supreme Court has already laid down timings. China has reportedly done this recently when opening the Hong Kong-Macao bridge and we have the technology to do this on an even bigger scale. The frenzied behavior of fanatics who are not amenable to common sense must be curtailed by the law enforced efficiently and sternly without fear or favor. Respect for law is fast diminishing.


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