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Deterring Rash Drivers

IN an accident on National Highway 17 at Gaunsawaddo, Mapusa  on Sunday a critically ill patient, who was on his way to the Goa Medical College Hospital in an ambulance, died on the spot while six others including two other patients suffered injuries when a truck rammed into the ambulance. The driver of the truck which was carrying sand and proceeding from Panaji towards Karaswada was driving rashly. Some commercial vehicle drivers are known to drive at high speed on all roads, putting lives in danger. They do not have to be inebriated to drive crazily. They are just not punished and deterred enough. We do not have a patrol system in place on roads that can stop crazy drivers and penalize them.  We might have it on the books but we should start seizing the licence of drivers who make repeated violations. There should also be an effective SoS system on highways to take care of accident victims. In the Gaunsawaddo case, the patient died before he could reach hospital.

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