Demystifying mythology through art

Nine artists from various walks of life will display their artwork at a group exhibition titled ‘Aparimyth’. Organised by artist Beena Gangani at Kala Academy Art Gallery, it will be inaugurated on October 6. NT BUZZ finds more about the group art exhibition


After honing their artistic skills under the guidance of artists Beena Gangani, nine artists from Goa have come forward to display their artwork at the exhibition titled ‘Aparimyth’ which is based on the theme ‘Mythology’.

The chief guest for the function will be professor of History of Art, Kala Bhavana, Vishwa-Bharti University, Santiniketan, professor Raman Siva Kumar and the guest of honour will be Goan artist, Mohan Naik. It will be inaugurated on October 6 at 5.30 p.m.

Talking about the meaning of ‘Aparimyth’ Beena says: “‘Aparimyth’ is derived from Hindi/Sanskrit which means unmeasured, unlimited or boundless. And ‘myths’ are basically traditional stories, particularly ones that relate to the early history or elucidation of a natural or social phenomenon normally incorporating mystical beings or happenings that sometimes go beyond rational explanation. We have tried to incorporate both these aspects in this exhibition and have focussed on the topic to spirituality and religion.”

The artists participating in this show have managed to break the shackles of limit in terms of ideas and technique. “Having independent academic background, each of them have a common passion- art. In their paintings one can see mythological stories of various regions. While they have come up with their own concept, we have only given them the required guidance,” says Beena.

The artists have primarily attempted to explore the mythical stories from cultures cutting across geographical boundaries, besides religious and spiritual subjects in equal measures.

Nine artists, Aparna Pradhan (freelance writer), Apurva Naik (architect), Lavina D’ Souza (microbiologist), Lucia De Souza (ex-professional), Medha Monteiro (artist), Nilesh Kambli (working professional), Prayuj Prakash Velip (fine art student), Rachana Shirodkar (pharmacist) and Vinod Naik (portrait artist) will be displaying  their artworks at the exhibition curated by artist Naguesh Rao Sardesai.

Parra-based artist, Medha Monteiro who will be displaying seven of her artworks at the exhibition says that in order to understand the theme she had to undergo a lot of research. “When I visited Hampi, the historic temple town; I noticed that the walls of the temples had mythological characters which were not very common. In order to know whether these characters were only in India or all over the world I started researching and reading about it and my artworks is an outcome of my work.”

Speaking about how the group initially worked towards developing a theme and concept for their art work, curator and artist, Naguesh Rao Sardesai says: “We had several discussions to choose a topic. Then finally we agreed to upon the topic ‘mythology’. It was quite interesting to see that all the artists were continuously working on their topic in order to understand the concept better. The artists through their paintings have explored mythological characters and stories not only from India but also from around the world.”

Exhibitions like these create a platform for artists to showcase their creative and artistic skills. “All the artists have great potential and capabilities. They have tried their best to do justice to the concept and art. Each of them have revisited the traditionally known myths, religious stories and spiritual truth and have given it a brand new perspective through their work of art,” concludes Naguesh.


(‘Aparimyth’ will be inaugurated on October 6 at 5.30 p.m. and will be open for public viewing from October 6 to October 8 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)