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Dempo College and Govt IT dept hold workshop on Green Goa


S S Dempo College of Commerce in collaboration with the department of IT, Government of Goa initiated the Green Goa workshop using a Global Positioning System app called EpiCollect. The aim of the workshop was to use information technology for a social and environmental cause. The resource person for the same was assistant director, directorate of higher education, Government of Goa, Shekar Naik.

The workshop trained students to collect geo-spatial data about Goa’s tree plantation. Students received hands-on training using the app which was downloaded on their smart phones. They will be planting trees in different areas and will use the app to map their location. This will enable those viewing the data collected to track the tree plantation and forestation of Goa. The workshop was coordinated by professor Sangeeta Chakrabarty and a total of 140 students participated in the programme. This is the first of a series of workshops that will be conducted in various colleges in Goa.


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