Deluge Of Hypocrisy



Over 250 innocents meet a gory death in a neighbouring country. When the whole world is unitedly condemning the terrorists and offering solace to the hapless Sri Lankans, an Indian leader atrociously exploits this overwhelming tragedy to beat his own trumpet for reaping electoral dividend. The megalomania of the leader has reached such an alarming proportion that he dares to imply that he and only he can take on the terrorists and wipe them off from the face of the world. I wonder if that is indeed the fact, then how could Pulwama happen right within the boundary of India! How could series of Pathankots to Uris continue to happen! Or does the secret behind the much-hyped “success story” against terrorism lie in the contrasting figure of fatalities – 40 (Pulwama) being much lesser than 250 plus (Sri Lanka). Perhaps the concept of “shamelessness” will also try to hide its face in shame after hearing these type of baseless bankrupt talks being asserted so “boldly.” Also, button is being zealously asked to be pressed for a particular symbol so as to “eliminate terrorism”, as if the ongoing Lok Sabha election is a referendum of sorts to determine whether we should sponsor or eliminate terrorism. Rather button will be pressed by taking into account innumerable factors, of which terrorism issue plays a single part. So button will also be pressed to eliminate communalism, which has emerged as a severe threat upon the secular multi-religious ethos of India. Button will also be pressed to eliminate attack on freedom of speech and expression. Button will also be pressed to eliminate woes of poor farmers and downtrodden and to annihilate joblessness – gravity of which is currently the worst in last 45 years (with that farce named demonetisation playing the most deadly role in eliminating millions of jobs). Button will also be pressed to check inflation price rise. And of course, button will be pressed to eliminate terrorism, but by keeping in mind the track record of them who are drastically failing to prevent the fatal Pathankots-Uris-Pulwamas.