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Data on making IEDs found on terror suspect’s laptop

PANAJI/VASCO: How to make Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and how to attack defence installations are among some of the crucial data found in possession of Sameer Sardana, who was arrested by the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the Goa police on suspicion, earlier this week.

Forty-four year old Sardana from Dehradun, son of a Major General (retired) of the Indian Army, was arrested on Monday at the Vasco railway station.

Highly placed sources said that Sardana may have been playing the role of a member of ‘Detroit Sleeper Cell.” The source said that a Detroit Sleeper Cell is a group of men believed to be plotting an attack.

Though Sardana’s affiliations to any terror outfits have not yet been established, he is still under suspicion owing to the data found in his possession, sources claimed. According to police, Sardana is a Hindu and a follower of Islam and it appears that he has been radicalised online.

Data such as how to make IEDs and how to attack defence installations is said to be found on a laptop and other devices of Sardana. But whether the information was used or whether there were any plans to use this information to execute an attack is not yet confirmed, claimed sources adding that whether he had any associates or is affiliated to any groups is being ascertained. Sardana is said to be uncooperative and is giving evasive answers.

National Investigation Agency (NIA) team headed by an additional superintendent of police along with the Goa ATS officers has been probing the matter deeper. Sources claimed that Sardana has no history of wrongdoings but the data available in his possession and his uncooperative attitude has raised the level of suspicion against him. Since the last several years, Sardana was said to be unemployed but claimed to be into share trading. The economic angle is also being looked into, said sources. The investigating agencies are also looking into Sardana’s travel to various Islamic countries.

Meanwhile, the Goa ATS has intimated Sardana’s family about his arrest and his parents are likely to come down to Goa from Dehradun on Saturday.

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