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Curchorem fish vendors ‘ditch’ market premises for roadside vending



Following the lockdown, there has been a huge rise in the number of fish vendors in Curchorem area, who are making a brisk business with limited availability of fish. However, this has also given rise to concerns over health risk in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council (CCMC) has repaired the existing fish market by expending around Rs 16 lakh. Not only the roof is repaired but also proper seating arrangement for the fish vendors has been done. There is drainage system besides provision of electricity and water.

Curchorem fish market used to remain packed from morning till noon as people from Curchorem, Cacora and surrounding areas would flock the market to buy fish.

However, now several fish vendors have started selling fish at different spots in Curchorem area. This has become a health and hygiene concern.

As per information, except for six or seven fish vendors, rest all have shifted to roadsides as they claim that the customers prefer purchasing fish from the vendors who sit along the roads rather than in the market.

Chairperson of CCMC Balkrishna Hodarkar, when contacted, said that he is aware of the situation as he has received several complaints from the fish vendors that they are compelled to shift to roadsides because the customers do not frequent the fish market.

“We shall initiate action against the fish vendors carrying out business in open area in the CCMC jurisdiction. They will either have to shift back to the fish market or stop their activity. Also, fish selling will be allowed in private shops provided the vendors posses trade licence,” he said.

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