Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Action between Cuncolim Union and Sao Jose de Areal SC at church grounds, Nuvem on Tuesday.

Cuncolim Union break SJD Areal resistance

Nuvem: Cuncolim Union entered the quarterfinals of Nuvem Parish Cup football tournament defeating Sao Jose de Areal 5-3 via tie-breaker, at church grounds, Nuvem on Tuesday.

The grueling battle between the two evenly-matched teams had ended in a 2-2 draw during the regulation time.

Cuncolim Union went into the lead following a forward pass by Daulat Dessai from the top of the box to Jesilo D’Silva who dashed in to slam the ball past the bewildered Areal keeper Joseph Monteiro to put his team into the lead in the 12th minute.

The match then rose to some good heights with the ball rolling from one end to the other as both the teams displayed nice positional play and fine ball control to impress the sizeable number of spectators that had gathered to witness the proceedings.

Cuncolim Union thereafter upped the ante and created several goal scoring chances and inflated their lead through Daulat Dessai in the 23rd minute with an angular effort that gave no chance at all to Sao Jose de Areal keeper, who otherwise had a good day under the bar.

After some ferocious exchanges at both ends, Sao Jose de Areal succeeded in pulling a goal back when attacking  medio Liston D’Costa pounced on a slow assist provided to him by Frederick Andro and then dashed inside the box to crash the ball to the far end of Cuncolim Union nets, keeping the keeper Jerico Dias dazed under the bar.

The match was then played at a fast pace with both the teams coming up with moves and counter moves.

While Areal’s Denzi Oliveira, Bersal Viegas and Vaneal Tavares messed up with their chances, the Cuncolim Union team had to struggle to penetrate inside the rival box.

Melwin Fernandes, Daulat Dessai, Edney Fernandes and Bharat Gaoncar made four raids within a span of 10 minutes midway into the first half but Areal’s strong defence and excellent goalkeeping by Joseph Monteiro saw all their attempts being thwarted away.

Finally, just a few minutes before half time Cucolim Union bulged the nets through Daulat Dessai whose rising shot crashed to the far end of Areal nets.

In the second session Sao Jose de Areal entered the field with renewed ideas and soon levelled the score through Navil Fernandes.

Both the teams then played a defensive game and took the game into the tie-breaker, where

Cuncolim Union proved to be better shooters as they scored accurately through Edney Fernandes, Bharat Gaoncar and Jerico Dias. Sao Jose de Areal could find the mark only through Frederick Endro.

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