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Creativity amid the Corona crisis

In order to sensitise children and give them hope about the ongoing Corona crisis, Popular High School, Margao will be hosting a ‘Draw From Home’ competition. NT KURIOCITY gets you the details

With the COVID-19 outbreak and strict measures enforced by the government to contain the same, children across the state are locked up inside four walls and even parents are worried about how to engage them. Thus, Popular High School, Margao in association with Yuva Sanjivni is inviting students to explore their creativity during this period of crisis with a ‘Draw from Home’ contest.

“The mission of the Popular school administration has been to consistently find innovative ways of teaching and imparting knowledge as part of the creative learning process. In tune with this, we have decided to organise an activity for students across the state ie the ‘Draw From Home’ contest,” says headmistress, Popular High School, Margao, Pratibha Agranayak.

To sensitise children on the ongoing pandemic, the topic for the contest is ‘Coronavirus Awareness’. “As part of the contest, participants are asked to illustrate their ideas and create awareness about the critical need for prevention and management of COVID-19 and at the same time educate and involve their family members at this crucial juncture,” she says.

The ‘Draw From Home’ initiative is open to students from all schools at state level. Participation and submission for this contest is through digital form only. A high-resolution scanned image or photograph of the artwork along with relevant details (name of participant, school, place, etc) should be sent via email or WhatsApp. “In this digital age and due to the circumstances, we are adapting. At Popular High School, we are making every effort to go digital and at the same time create awareness about practising social distancing, a preventive measure to break the chain of this outbreak,” says Agranayak.

The headmistress further adds that Popular High School’s endeavours to reinvent the styles of teaching and connecting with people. “Our institution – students, faculty, management, alumni, parents; have always worked towards bringing a positive change in society and to create better individuals rather than just giving them book knowledge,” she says.

The contest is open to all students and will be held in three categories namely: class one to class four; class five to class seven; and class eight and class nine. Participants are free to use the medium of their choice. “All participants are winners in our perspective. However, the best fifty entries in each category will be given an appreciation certificate along with prizes,” she adds.

(Last date for submission of entries is March 31. Details: 9923543424)

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