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Sheras Fernandes | NT BUZZ

What does it take to do something creative? Determination and hard work induced with a lot of focus. Students of third year Bachelors of Arts (Mass Media), Don Bosco College, Panaji brought out a short film, documentary and special interest magazine which were a part of their curriculum. The project is chosen on the basis of one’s individual liking and capacity, and groups are lead by project guides who help and guide students in the best way they can.
The short film titled, ‘Gofan’ highlights the need to educate children. Students brought out a 24-minute short film which is well executed. The basic storyline is about educational differences and mentality of parents between two classes of society. The cast which involves professionals as well as amateur actors have done great justice to their given roles. Members of the short film group plan to submit their film at various short film festivals in Goa and Maharashtra. The team efforts of Vikas Patil, Neeraj Kulkarni, Newell Pereira, Lewis Raj and Md Shariff under guidance of project guide Danuska Da Gama can be seen in their final output. “Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. So we made this short film on the social message about education. As I am passionate about film editing, I have worked a lot on this film as an editor, I tried my best to give creative editing along with suitable and perfect music along with sound effects,” says Neeraj Kulkarni. The short film has been submitted to The International Short Film Carnival (ISFC 2016) and will be screened on June 19 at 4.30 p.m.
The documentary revolves around the Khazan lands of Goa. The documentary outlines the need to protect and preserve these lands and throws light on the present scenario of Khazan lands. The story of Khazan lands is a 20-minute documentary which documents its importance and degradation. These lands have an intricate agriculture-fishery system that has been going on for generations. Farmers and fisher folk benefit from it economically and socially. They are also ecologically rich areas but in recent times many issues are posing serious threats to it. “The opportunity to do a documentary on this topic helped me further to explore Khazan lands, understand its importance to local livelihood and the need to keep them in pristine conditions. I saw beautiful creatures on these lands as well as its fragmentation due to garbage, flooding of fields and its concretisation,” says Stephie Madurai. Guided by project guide Atul Anand, the group comprised of Stephie Madurel, Jessica Pereira, Brijesh Deikar, Brigitte Fernandes and Shripad Mayekar who brought their message to light.
The magazine ‘Tesorous de Goa’ which translates to ‘Treasures of Goa’ in English mainly targets the domestic tourist as well as the local people who may be unaware of certain markets in Goa. The magazine speaks about the lives of people practicing traditional occupations such as bakery, toddy tapping, milk rearing, farming and more and also informs one about the lesser known villages in Goa that have their own unique heritage and identity. Under the continuous guidance of project guide Gauri Gharpure, students brought out a special interest magazine. “Being the designer of the group, I had the great responsibility of making the magazine look creative, interesting and appealing. This has helped me in understanding my strong, weak points and where I need to improve upon. I have got great exposure in terms of designing as we were continuously guided by our seniors, mentors and project guide. Overall I have indeed learnt a lot,” says Rakesh Ramannavar.

(The International Short Film Carnival, earlier known as The Goa Short Film Carnival, will be organised by Goa Talkies and will be held till June 19 at the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Complex. The event will feature a short film competition with entries from Goa and around the world. There is a special category dedicated to short films submitted by students. Workshops and master classes with attending filmmakers, producers, directors and actors will also be a part of the festival. The festival is open to all.)

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