Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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COVID warriors get specific roles in care centre improvement plan



The Indian Medical Association (IMA) – Goa State has submitted a detailed plan to the state administration, suggesting a model to improve the functioning of COVID care centres in the state.

The plan, comprising a committee including local MLA, Deputy Collector, health officer, IMA doctors and local panchas and councillors, aims to reduce stress on the health personnel.

Earlier, doctors from the IMA-Goa had submitted the plan to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant last week, while the detailed plan was also submitted to Health Secretary Nila Mohanan on Tuesday.

Speaking about the plan, Dr Shekhar Salkar said it works on a public-private partnership (PPP) model including several people with specific roles. “The IMA had submitted this plan to the health secretary yesterday and we met the Chief Minister and submitted it to him last week. This plan works on a PPP model under the guidance of minister in charge of that particular taluka, the local MLA, the local Deputy Collector, local health officer, local IMA branch doctors and COVID angels (patients who have recovered from COVID), the local panch or councillor and some social workers with specific duties assigned to them. This will greatly help in easing the load on the health officers at the COVID care centres,” he said.

According to the plan, prepared by the IMA, COVID care centres can be set up in each taluka and each representative can be assigned designated roles. The Deputy Collector can be tasked with putting together basic amenities including beds, water, toilets, food, cleaning, coloured bins, sanitation, hot water and security. The health officer can be tasked with round-the-clock arrangements of nursing and ward

boys, medicines, oxygen with prongs accessories and dealing with ambulance logistics.

The IMA doctors and COVID angels can be used for counselling, sourcing of thermometers and oximeters, helping in making kits, data charting and assessment with nurses at the centre and teleconference with doctors on a daily basis.

Local representatives can help with food and logistics, local representation and other items like tea and biscuits, while the social workers can provide additional help like home food delivery. The entire plan can be supervised and managed by the minister in charge of the taluka and the local MLA.

Currently, the state’s health personnel are working under stressful conditions on a daily basis. The plan, IMA-Goa hopes, will ease the burden on the health personnel and smoothen the functioning of the COVID care centres in the state.

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