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Abrar Shaikh, co-founder of MeWo, inaugurating the corporate day care centre in Patto Plaza

Corporate day care centre for working parents

CoDaC, a corporate day care centre opened for working parents in Patto Plaza, on November 14.  The centre was unveiled by Abrar Shaikh, co-founder MeWo, a meetings and co-working space in the presence of Arthi Nayak, academic head, Sandeep Singh, Vanita Singh, director and Kashmira Laad, centre coordinator. 

CoDaC is a venture of Little Flowers, an enterprise with 13 years of experience in childcare and operating seven daycare centers in the state.  All the centers offer complete childcare solution for working parents. Multiple daycare centers are planned by the enterprise across the state in the near future.

The center provides child-friendly infrastructure and facility with a safe environment that is conducive to learning for children. It aims to bring respite for working parents, with its offerings of safe space for

their wards in the form of an in-house/near- site crèche facility in the corporate premises. It also offers infant daycare and after-school care for children aged between 6 months

to 12 years. 

Trained facilitators provide continuous and undivided care in an environment that is safe, hygienic and under continuous surveillance. The facility also has warming facilities for food and drinking water and gives app-based updates on a child’s status at regular intervals.

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