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Cops keep their eyes on people advised home quarantine

Panaji: Those who are violating home quarantine orders or have not disclosed their travel history in the wake of COVID-19 have been under the Goa police radar.

The police, who are assisting the health department in identifying such persons, said that they will take action under the law against such uncooperative persons.

Sources informed that one such person from North Goa, who violated the home quarantine, was identified on Saturday by the intelligence wing of the Goa police. The person in question reportedly moved out of the house. The police have reported the matter to the health department for necessary action, sources said.

The Goa police through its intelligence wing have been keeping a close watch on the prevailing situation and are also tracking down those who are trying to avoid home quarantine, sources said. Police are also collecting intelligence pertaining to persons who have returned from abroad or other states and did not report to the health department.

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