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Concern raised over supply of turbid water to Ponda, Tiswadi

Ponda: The sudden rise in water turbidity in the Khandepar-Opa River has left taps in Ponda and Tiswadi Taluka with muddy water for the past one week. It has also slowed down the water treatment process at the Opa water treatment plant reducing its output by 10-20 percent per day. The Public Works Department on Wednesday has written to the Water Resource Department and Mines Department to inspect/monitor exact reason behind the sudden rise in the water turbidity, informed PWD officials.

As per information, the turbidity of the Opa water reservoir has increased beyond its average range from October 4, which had gone to 225Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU) and from October 7 the turbidity has decreased a little bit coming down to 80 NTU on Wednesday.

As a result workers at the Opa treatment plant are finding it difficult to treat the water properly and it has slowed down the treatment process reducing its output by 10-20 percent per day.

Due to the turbidity less water is processed as compared to average level and secondly workers have to backwash the filter beds after a certain time, officials at Opa said. On an average around 140 MLD water is supplied to residents of Tiswadi and Ponda from Opa every


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