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Slushy pothole-ridden road near Falcon Resort in Calangute; JICA had repaired the road  after laying a sewer line

Commuters face harrowing time on pothole-dotted Calangute roads


CALANGUTE: The villagers of Calangute have expressed resentment over the bad condition of the roads in the village. The roads have developed potholes due to the ongoing sewerage work. Calangute MLA Michael Lobo had called for a meeting on Thursday at his office. The villagers and officials of WRD, PWD and JICA met and discussed various village issues.

The villagers apprised the officials and the local MLA of the bad roads.

They brought to the notice that “the school going children are put to a great inconvenience as they get wet with water accumulated in potholes getting splashed on them whenever vehicles pass by, and these children are forced to sit in the classroom with wet uniforms.”

Even two wheeler-riders find it difficult to ride through the roads in the village.

The villagers informed that the road stretch from the village panchayat office to Holiday Street is in very bad state.

Just before the rains, the JICA had carried out the road repair work haphazardly. The road had washed away with the arrival of first pre-monsoon rains.

The villagers brought to the notice of the villagers about water-logging witnessed near the market.

They also brought to the notice of the MLA that the hotels release sewage into the nullahs.

They sought to know how much time it would take for the completion of the sewage treatment plant. The concerned officials said that it will be completed by October, adding the deadline has expired in March and time till October has been given as some work is pending.

The villagers requested contractor to put up florescent or white tape wherever the work is being carried out, as during the night it becomes difficult to notice the worksite during the rains, thereby inviting a danger.

Lobo informed the villagers that all hotels have to have their own STPs, adding the sewage treatment plant should have come up 12 years ago.

“Small hotels, restaurants and guest houses cannot afford to have STPs. And, as such to  resolve the issue, the sewage treatment plant is being built in Calangute,” he added.

The MLA instructed the JICA officials to fill the potholes within three days.

When the PWD officials were questioned by the villagers as to why the work was not done before the rains, they answered that it is the work of JICA to repair the roads once they finish laying a sewerage line.

The Calangute MLA instructed the JICA contractor to repair the road stretches from village panchayat office to Holiday Street, Radiant Circle to Paradise Village, St Anthony Chapel to St Alex Church and near St Joseph School.

The WRD officials were instructed to carry out the work on nullahs at Gaurawaddo and Maddawaddo, and the PWD officials were asked to clear the water-logged at the market.

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