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Ramanjaneyulu, state secretary of Hindu Dharma Raksha Samanvaya Samithi, Andhra Pradesh explaining how temple funds are used for various purposes other than for the welfare of Hindus. Devadas Shinde, Kasivelu S, Jitendra Thakur are also seen.

Coalition govt trying to change fabric of ‘Hindu’ Nepal, says Bhattarai




Alleging that the coalition government in Nepal has inserted the word ‘secular’ in the interim draft of the Constitution, Dr Madhav Bhattarai, president of the Sanatan Hindu Morcha, Nepal, warned that 86 per cent Hindus would not tolerate it.

Bhattarai said that the Nepal government has attempted to change the earlier status of the country of being a Hindu nation under the pressure of the international community.

“The Constitution is being drafted but Nepali Hindus would regain the past glory for the nation as a Hindu Rashtra at any cost,” he said while addressing a press conference at the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ held at Ramnathi,Ponda on Monday.

He also hailed India’s efforts to extend a helping hand in times of distress following the killer quakes on April 25 and May 12 respectively.

He thanked the Indian government,   Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha, and Patanjali Yogapeeth for their relentless efforts to bring Nepal back on track.

The senior religious leader, however, claimed that some religious organisations attempted to take advantage of the situation and convert the helpless people by wooing them with the help offered by them.

“Such conspiracies to convert Nepali Hindus through lure of aid will be exposed, and strong efforts will be made to re-establish the Hindu Nation in Nepal,” he stressed.

Representatives of Hindu organisations from Nepal, Bharat Sharma, national president of Rashtriya Dharmasabha, Nepal, Dr Charudatta Pingale, national guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sagar Katwal of Hindu Yuva Sanyojan, Nepal, and Sanu Thapa, a representative of Forum for Hindu Awakening, Nepal, also explained the plight of Nepalese, following the quakes, to the media.

Sharma criticised their own Nepal government alleging that it did not distribute the assistance received from countries such as India and Japan to their people.

“Indian Army reached Nepal within 2 hours of the earthquake. On the contrary, Nepal government indulged in corruption while providing assistance. Several articles received from Japan and India are lying undistributed, whereas some articles are up for sale in the open market,” he alleged.

“An appropriate plan is required for aiding the earthquake-affected people. Protest has been lodged against Pakistan for sending beef to Nepal under the pretext of assistance,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the main convention, Ramanjaneyulu, state secretary of Hindu Dharma Raksha Samanvaya Samithi, Andhra Pradesh criticised the Indian government for adopting ‘a discriminatory policy while doling out funds and collecting the same.’

He claimed that the government takes away funds from temples to provide donations to the people belonging to other religions.

He further said that “funds to the tune of Rs 3,000 crore are collected at the Tirupati devastham annually. Of this 13.5 per cent (Rs 400 crore) funds are credited into the government’s Common Civil Fund to be spent for purposes other than the welfare of Hindus.”

“Though 10 per cent of the amount (Rs 300 crore) is earmarked for the propagation of Hindu dharma, only Rs 3 crore are spent on Hindus and the balance on the people of other religions. We will have to raise such issues and take steps to curb the same,” he said.

“In ‘Devalsmruti’, there is a reference to the purification of the converts. The process of purification can be completed by just filing an affidavit. If the Hindus start treating ‘purified’ Hindus in a normal manner, all ‘purified’ Hindus can be integrated into Hinduism. Purification will be our only answer to the conspiracy of conversions,” said Advocate Devadas Shinde of Hindu Swabhiman Pratishthan, Pune.

V Venkata Subrahmanyam, state executive member of Itihasa Sankalana Samiti, Andhra Pradesh said that to counter religious conversions and other assaults, Hindu dharmagurus should study the scriptures of other religions and guide the people appropriately.

Shrikant Pangarkar, president of Pratishtha Yuva Mandal, Jalna-Maharashtra; Jitendra Thakur, metro convener of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Madhya Pradesh and Kasivelu S, trustee of Shri Ram Trust, Tamil Nadu also expressed their views.


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