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Civilisation Is Hazardous To Our Indigenous People


John Allen Chau, the American national allegedly killed by people belonging to the protected the Jharwas of the North Sentinel Island are a cannibalistic tribe of the outside world for almost 60,000 years. This existing tribes numbers are believed to be less than 70 and as low as 40. Interestingly, 50 km west of Port Blair, those few are living happily without any need, have shown their determination to keep their faith which any religion and civilian failed to do for centuries. We think us as civilized, because we have a living with all the basic amenities, and medicines, and are gaga over our development and civilisation. But to save ourselves, our mask of the civilisation, remains nowhere either natural calamities or any kind of threats from our neighbour or enemies on any dispute. To overcome the problem, we require arms and ammunitions, nuclear bomb, jet fighter, marine and others, clearly indicated that how much we are helpless compare to all these tribal. The media picture indicated that how a Sentinel tribal aiming an arrow at a Coast Guard helicopter as it flies over the island on December 28, 2004, after the Indian Ocean tsunami, clearly indicated that neither tsunami, nor manmade bird (helicopter, plane) changed their faith and beliefs, but warned that civilisation is hazardous to our indigenous species be it flora or fauna. Whatsoever, the big question is that how 28 years Allen Chau, not once but in his fifth visit sneaked into the prohibited area under the cover of darkness by bribing fishermen. Who knows to meet his destiny, Chau misuse the Indian governments order to excluded this island and 28 others in the Union Territory from the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) regime till December 31, 2022, means foreigners can go to the island without permission from the government.  Moral of the Chau’s sacrifice that your religion may become ill hazard for others if you try to convert it.


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