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City traders say plastic carry bag alternatives serve limited purpose



On the issue of plastic carry bags, city traders say that use of plastic may have been promoting serious carcinogenesis, “but it has come to stay in our lives”.

While the ban on use of plastic carry bags has been in force in the city, it is still in use for being convenient to both the business community as well as the general public.

Speaking to this daily, a group of traders opined that “what the government is doing, through ban and other measures, shows that it is conscious of our health and we need to appreciate the steps initiated by the authorities.”

At the same time, they feel that if the government wants to get rid of plastic carry bags then it should also provide an alternative which is convenient to use and durable.

Some grocery shop owners and restaurateurs said that if the government imposes a complete ban on the use of plastic bags then it will cause a lot of inconvenience to them and their customers, thereby losing business.

They said alternative to plastic bag is jute or paper bag, but they serve a limited purpose.

Commodities such as fish cannot be handed in paper bag, stated a vendor.

“We are not against ban on plastic, but the government should also give a thought to the fact that use of paper or jute bag has a limited purpose and, hence, should make some exceptions,” a shopkeeper said.

“Why government is hell bent on plastic ban when the CCP is undertaking door-to-door garbage collection. What is required is awareness on judicious use of it,” a trader noted. 

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