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City fish vendors to be shifted to market area next week

Panaji: Fisherfolk sitting outside the market and doing business will be shifted back to their original position inside the fish market next week, revealed the city Mayor, Uday Madkaikar.

Speaking to this daily, Madkaikar said that since there are no COVID cases in the Chimbel area and  many of the fish vendors hailing from that area, we had taken a collective decision to allow them to conduct business outside the market, on the road between Dempo House and Kamat Centre so that their livelihood does not suffer.

Madkaikar said the Corporation has removed the barricades erected to facilitate the members of the general public to maintain social distance and purchase the fish restricting customers and fish vendors from close contact.

He said now we have decided to shift these fish vendors inside the market as they conduct business outside the market and in the rain without shade. Some have been sitting with umbrellas while others wear raincoats.

Now the question of timings has risen and we had allotted them few business hours ie from 6 am to 1 pm in the afternoon but earlier they were conducting business for the full day, we will be holding a discussion with respect to that aspect later, he informed.

The decision to allow these fish vendors inside the fish market has been taken since there are no new COVID cases detected in Chimbel from where these fish vendors come to conduct business in the Panaji market, he added.

He said, “Corona has come to stay and we have to live with it now, but people have to take precautions and measures to keep themselves away from the disease.’’

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