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City businessmen ‘not at ease’ with pay parking



The Corporation of City of Panaji’s pay parking plan in the city seems to have put the business community at ‘unease.’

The CCP is determined on making pay parking zones in the city to usher in discipline on the roads. 

Recently, the city Mayor Uday Madkaikar, had informed that by October 1,  18th June Road, A B Road, Rua Cunha Rivera and all four sides of Garcia de Orta Garden, Joao Castro Road from Down the Road Pub to behind Old Secretariat, and Jack de Sequeira Road from Miramar Circle up to first gate of Sharada Mandir – both sides would be converted into pay parking zones.

A few members of the business community while reacting sharply said that the CCP should spend some money to gain money, and first of all mark the areas reserved for pay parking, erect boards duly mentioning the parking fees, construct sheds and then think of making pay parking zones.

“Why harass businessmen? If you harass them think from where the money will flow into the government kitty. We are paying green tax, garbage tax, and GST. Besides that we even pay road tax. So as a token of gratitude they (CCP) should allow us to park without charging a fee,” opined a shop owner.

While another businessman stated that “during the last term of the CCP, the contractor appointed under pay parking scheme was little softer on us. This time, we do not know who will get the contract and how will he behave with us?”

“Rs 20 per hour and then the additional Rs 15 per hour for extended parking hours, the amount will be exorbitant in these days of recession. Business community is passing through a difficult phase,” said another businessman.

“What the CCP is giving us in return for the huge taxes being levied on us? A space for parking a car should be given to the shop owners as we are paying all kinds of taxes. And, now on top of it we are supposed to pay parking fees?” questioned another.

“Provide roads free of potholes. Mark the areas for pay parking. Install proper signboards. Keep the tourist vehicles and tourists taxis away from grabbing the spaces in the city,” said yet another businessman.

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