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Panelists Taha Haazziq, Tapan Acharya, Manjirish Salelkar and Josh Talks discussion elections

Citizens Town Hall for first time voters

Facebook together with Josh Talks today organised the Citizens Town Hall for first time voters in the state. The initiative is to educate first-time voters on the need to actively participate in the upcoming general elections in Goa on April 23.

The Citizens Town Hall was inaugurated by Kunal, chief electoral officer,  Jaspal Singh, IGP, and Ameya Abhyankar, secretary, IT. Queries raised by young voters on the voting process, digitization and other topics  were addressed during the meeting.

Shivnath Thukral, public policy director, India & South Asia, Facebook,  said, “Facebook has an incredible potential to be a positive force for democracy around the world. A number of steps are being taken by us to protect the integrity of the upcoming elections in India. We also believe that we have an important part to play in creating an informed community, and help people access information they need to take part in the democratic process. The Citizen’s Town Hall, initiative is being organized to empower youth with the knowledge they need that will drive an effective participation during the upcoming elections.”

The main aim of the event was to engage first time voters in active conversations and dialogue around elections. The sessions  also highlight two new tools, Candidate Connect and Share You Voted, recently launched by Facebook to support voters as part of its efforts to foster civically engaged community. Candidate Connect, will help people learn more about candidates contesting the elections while, Share you Voted will provide people with polling information and enable them to announce and celebrate the fact that they have voted.

The Citizens’ Town Hall has already been organised in 14 states. The event also featured a panel discussion with participation from Taha Haazziq, OSD, directorate of social welfare, Tapan Acharya, actor and youth icon and Manjirish Salelkar, president, Goa Technology Association and moderated by Josh Talks.

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