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Chowgule College celebrates 450 years of the Bard

The fifth edition of The Bard by the Mandovi-The Shakespeare Festival was organised at Chowgule College, Margao on September 15, at the college premises. The inter-high school and inter-higher secondary school competition is an annual feature of the department of English, Chowgule College, Margao and aims at promoting English literature, particularly the works of Shakespeare, through healthy competition in cultural events.
The festival saw fourteen teams participating in six events over a day. The onstage events included Steal A Scene, where students enacted a scene from a Shakespearean play; Friends, Romans, Countrymen, where students used information and communication technology to make a presentation and fielded questions from judges; The Bard, where they recited poems from a range of poets, classical and contemporary and Shakespeare Sololioquy, where students presented Shakespearean soliloquies with dramatic flair.
The off-stage events were Mozaic, a tile painting competition where students painted on tiles provided, and Bedtime Shakespeare, where students chose a Shakespearean play of their choice and created a children’s story book with simplified language, illustrations, graphics, pop-ups and cut-outs.
Team Hamlet of Sharada Mandir High School, Panaji, emerged overall winners of the competitions. Manovikas English Medium High School, Gogol, Margao and Chowgule Higher Secondary School won first and second runner-up respectively.
This year the event was open to public as the department of English celebrated 450 years of Shakespeare’s birth anniversary.
Along with the competitions, students had a variety of event attractions in the form of The Shakespeare Photo Booth, where visitors could click a picture as Shakespeare and get a printout in a jiffy; The Shakespeare Video Booth where kids, and adults alike, could watch animated videos of Shakespeare’s plays.
Cupcakes, pastries and an assortment of food items were also sold, while nail art was being applied in one corner. Mementoes to mark the occasion were also sold. Student organisers also gave impromptu performances in the canteen and corridors to celebrate the genius of Shakespeare.

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