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China donates 1,000 ventilators to New York


New York

China donated 1,000 ventilators to New York, the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, as the authorities grappled with an insufficient supply of the life saving equipment amid a surge in the number of coronavirus cases that has crossed 1,00,000 in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday said New York had ordered 17,000 ventilators from the federal government, which had a stockpile of about 10,000 ventilators for the nation.

He said demand for the life-saving medical equipment surges across the US, which now has more than 3,12,100 COVID-19 cases.

 “China is remarkably the repository for all of these orders. Ventilators, PPE, it all goes back to China. Long term, we have to figure out why we wound up in this situation where we don’t have the manufacturing capacity in this country.

“I understand supply chain issues, I understand the cost of manufacturing, but there’s a public health reason, as we’ve all learned the hard way, why we need the capacity in this country to do this,” Cuomo said.

In order to meet this demand for ventilators, “New York has been shopping in China,” he said.

The Governor said he asked the White House to help the state navigate China and he spoke to the Chinese ambassador and “we got really good news today.

 “The Chinese government is going to facilitate a donation of 1,000 ventilators” that came in to John F Kennedy Airport.

Cuomo thanked the Chinese government, Alibaba head Jack Ma, the Jack Ma Foundation, Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai and China’s Consul General Huang Ping.

 “That’s going to be very helpful… this is a big deal. It’s going to make a significant difference for us,” he said.

The state of Oregon is also sending 140 ventilators to New York, an assistance Cuomo called “just astonishing and unexpected.”

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