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Chasing dreams

Actor-singer Adhyayan Suman who has just come out with his new single ‘Rang Jaye’, is all set to make his debut on the digital platform with ‘Damaged’ (Season 2). NT BUZZ spoke to the star who was recently in Goa


Acting isn’t something that happened by chance for Adhyayan Suman, he has always dreamt of being one.

Having made his debut with the film ‘Haal–e–dil’, he then went on to act in other films like ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues’, ‘Jashnn’, ‘Heartless’ and ‘Ishq Click’.

The best part of acting, he says, is that he gets to play multiple roles and also put a lot of his life experiences out there in his roles. “I think it is very exciting to be able to relive what I have been through in my life. Also, I get to travel the world which is something I love,” he says.”

At the same time, the artiste have always been very passionate about music but never thought he would take it professionally. “Somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to be a singer but I had never taken a firm stand on this until I fell in love with someone a couple of years back. One day, I sang for her and also played on the guitar. She started crying, and that is how I realised that I probably have a decent voice,” he says.

The actor then went on to achieve his musical goal in 2017 with his first single ‘Soniyo 2.0’ (a song from ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues’), followed by ‘Aaya Na Tu 2.0’.

Following the good response that he got for the songs, he started his own channel on YouTube. “Soon my channel became one of the fastest channels to get the silver play button. Hence, I decided I should move forward with what I am doing,” says Suman, who recently released his new single ‘Rang Jaye’.

The song has been penned by Avinash Chouhan and composed by Harshit Chauhan. Shot in Coimbatore and Karjat, the song is a motivational song about breaking the shackles and following your passion. Suman says that the song talks about chasing your dreams. 

“Somewhere down the line I think we tend to forget that we have dreams and passion. We let go of these because of the pressures that we have in our daily lives, and also the fear of other people’s judgements. We then take a different route altogether in life,” he says. Elaborating further about the song, he says that it narrates the story of a boy who always wanted to be a rapper but instead becomes a real estate broker.

“However, when he goes on a trip with a girl he meets on a dating app, she helps him find his voice. It is a travel song; there is no love story between them,” says Suman. The song, he says is not very preachy but it still delivers a very good message for the youth today.

Suman hasn’t just sung and acted in the video. He has also conceptualised and directed the video which also features Aarushi Dutta of ‘Roadies’ and ‘Splitsvilla’ fame.  More than the technical part of it, he says that he connects very well with people when he sings because he sings from heart. 

And besides acting and singing, he also harbours dreams of directing. In fact, the actor has completed his schooling from the New York Film Academy and got his diploma as a director from there. He says: “I always wanted to direct. There are stories I want to tell and experiences I want to put on screen. For example, in ‘Soniyo 2.0’, a lot of the instances and romantic scenes have been taken from my own life. The same goes for ‘Aaya Na Tu 2.0’.”

Indeed, Suman feels that a good director needs to have a lot of experience in life, he need to see a lot of life, experience a lot of emotions, and he needs to write his own scripts. And he has done that for all the three songs. “Even ‘Rang Jaye’ is connected to me very deeply because I have been through many ups and downs in life. There was a point when I had forgotten about chasing my dreams. However, I decided to chase my dreams again and here I am today,” he says, adding that he follows his father’s advice when it comes to his career dreams: ‘You rather try and fail than not try at all’.

“Faith is also very important. I have realised that faith can move mountains. There were times when things were not moving for me. When I took the step on YouTube I think that changed a lot for me in my career. I have signed two big web series and my songs have done well. That is because I never gave up,” he says. “My father also always told me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I have always followed these philosophies in my life. Very simple and cliché but it works for me.”

The actor who has done a film called ‘DNA of Love’ which is yet to be released, has also just finished shooting for his upcoming web series, ‘Damaged’ (Season 2), a psychological crime drama, opposite Hina Khan which will stream on Hungama Play.

“I have just signed another show for Prakash Jha and I will begin the shooting in November. I am really grateful that such beautiful opportunities are coming to me as an actor on the web space now,” he says.

The artiste also has some more songs in his kitty and will be announcing his next song this Diwali.

“I have a lot of my singles coming up. I will also be recreating the songs from my films on my channel,” he says.

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