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Eager to ride on Goa’s solar energy push, Margao based, Dilip Nayak, Rainbow Solar Power Solutions, has ambitious plans of being in the forefront of solar power sector, discovers Shoma Patnaik 

The sun shines on Goa’s solar energy industry currently with a bright, new local ecosystem in place to harness solar power. The ecosystem comprises several firms offering solar power solutions, a favorable government policy and residents keen to switch to clean energy.

Given the prospects, entrepreneur Dilip Nayak, chief executive officer, Rainbow Solar Power Solutions, Margao is readying to light the way ahead for his company. He plans to be in the forefront of the Goan solar energy industry and do all that he can to touch sky.

Nayak says that, he started his company two years back and having done 12 projects so far is aiming for Rs 20 crore turnover by 2020. It is not an overly ambitious target given the bright prospects of the sector and the bulky order book position, he believes.

“I have got more than 200 projects in the pipeline, which includes a 45 kw solar plant for the Goa State Pollution Control Board, Saligao, 30 kw roof-top system for a government college in Borda, a 20 kw project for a hotel in Vasco, a 40 kw solar plant for a hospital in Marao along and another 40 kw plant for a private college.

Nayak’s most recent project is a 15.6 kw solar system installed for old age home, Sanjeevan, Ponda, at a total cost of Rs 10.3 lakh. Asked whether Goa is a good place for solar energy and the reply is in affirmative. He feels that the state is naturally conducive for clean energy like solar power.

“We have about 290 sunny days and the irradiation is perfectly suitable for solar electricity generation. We get very good results whenever we do shadow analysis for clients. The yield is very good,” says Nayak , who adds that, with attractive incentives on offer Goans must take the lead in solar power and emulate the example of Diu which is surplus in electricity and exports five MW of solar power.

“The state government is offering 50 per cent subsidy for domestic consumers and 20 per cent subsidy for commercial consumers. An individual who installs a solar system on the roof only has to bear 50 per cent of the cost for which the investment recovery period is four-and-half months. For commercial consumers the recovery period is quicker because the tariff is higher and there is a tax rebate,” explains Nayak.

According to him, the consumer gets to enjoy virtually free electricity once the recovery period is crossed. “It is an amazing savings in today’s times when electricity tariffs are continually being raised,” he says.

Nayak points out that, private individuals have several concerns over solar power and wonder whether it can run all electric appliances in the home. There are also concerns over monsoons. However these concerns are unfounded looking at the satisfaction expressed by those who have installed solar systems.

“My clients are altogether satisfied because they save a packet on electricity charges. By channeling the extra power in the grid they earn credits which are useful in the rainy season,” he explains.

Just two years in the solar industry, Nayak is the president of the Goa Solar Power Suppliers Association.  His background is in the corporate world and his entry into entrepreneurship is very recent.  He is a qualified marine and ship building engineer who worked with leading ship building companies like Goa Shipyard Ltd, Larsen & Tubro and ABG Group. “I was 27 years in the corporate world and my last assignment with the Dempo group in Gujarat was where I got interested in renewable energy. I was really impressed with Gujarat’s progress in solar power. The state is shining in solar power and the abundance of roof-top projects made me venture into the industry,” says Nayak.

He adds that, he decided to quit the corporate world and become a solar power EPC contractor. His firm has a team of 15 employees, including marketing and technical staff. It is GEDA empanelled and on its way to getting certified from Vidyut Bhavan for electric wiring work for solar electricity. “Before venturing into the industry I undertook training programme at the Ministry of Non-Renewable Energy, he explains.

Nayak’s feels that claiming subsidy from the government will be easier with the Goa Energy Development Agency setting up a portal for empanelled solar power suppliers.

Nayak adds that his company is the authorized distributor for Pune based K Solare Energy, a solar inverter manufacturing company. He reveals that, among commercial consumers of electricity, the hospitality sector is very interested in solar power, especially three-star hotels. Further Goan large industry is also interested in switching to solar power after the state notified the solar policy.

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