Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Chaos returns to Carmona panchayat

CARMONA: In yet another upheaval in Carmona village panchayat, four panch members led by deputy sarpanch Xavier Fernandes have moved a no-confidence motion against the sarpanch Lavita Dias.

Ironically, the deputy sarpanch, who was elected earlier this week, had categorically ruled out moving a no-confidence motion against the sarpanch even though she was in the minority saying that all the panch members are united and would be working together for the betterment of the village.

However, in a dramatic change of heart, four panch members including former deputy sarpanch Orlando Da Silva, Sandra Fernandes and Devina Rodrigues moved a no-confidence motion. Ironically, Lavita had returned as sarpanch for a second time last month after she had resigned from the post on September 10 citing health reasons.

She was elected to the post unopposed on October 21 after four panch members failed to attend the special meeting which was convened to conduct elections for the post of sarpanch, which is reserved for women.

Speaking to reporters, former deputy sarpanch Orlando said, “We were left with no option but to move a no-confidence motion against the sarpanch as she was taking unconstitutional decisions and bringing a bad name to majority of panch members. We have lost trust in her ability to lead the panchayat.”

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