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Challenging Innings For Sourav Ganguly


HE is described as an aggressive cricket tactician.  When he donned India colours, in various formats, and led its fortunes from the front, his demeanour had a dashing touch to it. The speciality of the man can be gauged by the love, respect and awe he commanded both on and off the field.  That his elevation has been widely hailed is a testimony to Sourav Ganguly’s popularity. The president-elect of the Board of Control for Cricket in India will have a short tenure of a little over a year. But a right person can work wonders in nine months, and one believes Sourav is indeed the right man at the right time.  ‘Dada’ has the onerous task of taking all together.  Like on field game, off-field monoeuvering is unpredictable as he himself pleasantly discovered while pipping the likes of Brijesh Patel.  India, as the powerhouse of world cricket, is on the right course. Of course, the BCCI has been hit by scandals, infighting and lack of foresight. The issue of conflict of interest has become a stick for perverts to ridicule and browbeat famed cricketers.  Imagine a man like Rahul Dravid being asked to quit his job at India Cements to retain the junior head coach post. What, and what not, constitutes a job for profit has to be clearly defined. Hopefully, the general body meet of the BCCI will provide the right platform for  Ganguly to draw the ‘first blood’, to say so. However, bringing in the much required transparency and accountability into the daily functioning of the board should predominantly  occupy the mind of the  young president.  Furthermore, he should lay a solid groundwork for his possible successor Brijesh Patil to carry on. One hopes professionals occupying the top BCCI post becomes a trend. 

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