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Chacha Nehru park crying for attention in Mapusa

MAPUSA: The Mapusa Municipal Council has made a special provision in its budget to introduce new parks in the town to make Mapusa green. However, the civic body has failed to maintain the parks and the best example is the Chacha Nehru Park which is crying for attention over the last two years.

The Chacha Nehru Park was inaugurated in 1995 and since then the park has been popular with senior citizens and children. Over the period of years it was neglected by the civic body and the condition of the park has deteriorated.

The Mapusa Municipal Council headed by Ashish Shirodkar had decided to renovate the park on May 3, 2013. The renovated park at a cost of Rs 26 lakh was opened for the public but as years progressed the equipments began to deteriorate and began to pose a threat to the safety of children.

The swings are broken, while the slide metal sheets are torn which could cause injuries to children. The sand in the park is insufficient due to which children tend to slide down and fall, injuring themselves.

The wiring of electrical equipments is lying in the open which was the result of an untoward incident recently. The meter box for the fountain is broken while the grass cutting work has not been carried out by the municipality for the past couple of months.

Sheetal Khedekar, a local resident raised concern over the condition of the park and hoped that the municipality will undertake the maintenance work as soon as possible so that children could take the benefits of the park since school vacations have started. Another local from Khorlim said that “The major problem in the park is the less quantity of sand near the slides due to which children fall and sustain injury”.

A local councillor Tushar Tople said that, “The maintenance work on the park will commence soon wherein all equipments will be replaced. We have also ordered for two truckloads of sand which will be put in the garden”.

Replying to a question as to why the repair work was not done for a long time, MMC chairperson Sandip Falari said, “Previously the equipments were made of metal sheets which could be repaired, but now we have all equipments made of fiber which cannot be repaired, hence the delay arises”.

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