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Celebrations for Mercedes-Benz

The year 2019 is a milestone for Mercedes-Benz in India with the company completing 25 years, discovers Team B&C

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 25 years in India in 2019 and to mark the signpost is planning to offer the best of brand experience to its customers. A significant focus of the brand experience is likely to be in Tier II and Tier III markets where the company is witnessed strong sales. To step up the luxury experience, the company is offering innovations like brand tour, service on wheels, service clinics, luxe drives and AMG emotional tours.

In Goa, celebrations flagged off with the Star Xperience hosted by Counto Motors, the sole dealership in the state.  Counto Motors has been partners with Mercedes for a decade since 2009. Its state-of-the-art showroom spread across sprawling 34000 sq. ft. with world-class workshop was set up with a cumulative investment of Rs 10 crores.

Speaking to the media, Aakash Khaunte, managing director, Counto Motors, said, “Mercedes-Benz retained its number one position among luxury cars for the 4th consecutive year. The company sold 15,538 cars. The year 2018 has been good to Counto Motors too.”

According to Khaunte, western India is one of the highest contributors in the total volumes for Mercedes-Benz India, and within the region Goa is a high potential market for luxury cars. “We have been honoured with the opportunity to cater to the customer base of Mercedes-Benz here,” said Khaunte. He added that, a modern dealership makes a major difference to customers who like to touch and feel while making a buying decision.

Mercedes-Benz India pioneered the luxury car market in the country and boasts of more than 130 years of cutting edge innovation in the luxury segment of the automobile industry globally. Set up in 2009, the company’s production facility is spread over 100 acres in Chakan near Pune. Since June 2015, the production is also from a new expanded production facility located in the same premise.

The India operations are part of Mercedes-Benz’s global production network. It plays an important role in the CKD/MVP production network in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, the company produces vehicles in various extension levels for domestic markets. The production facility now carries an investment of Rs 2,200 crores and has the largest installed production capacity for any luxury carmaker in India.

In network spread, the company is also leading with presence in 47 Indian cities through 93 outlets. The exclusive AMG performance centers are located in seven cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Pune.

The My Mercedes, My Service’ launched in 2016, aims to completely redefine the after-sales experience by digitalizing service process and create unparalleled benchmark in the luxury car service domain, said a company spokesperson. In December 2017, the Pit Stop Service was launched  across all AMG performance centers to create service differentiation. This speedy, personalized and priority service is a commitment to the AMG and specialty car customers.

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