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CCTV cameras installed in aided schools



Following the recommendation for installation of CCTV cameras in the school premises, as observed in the guidelines issued by the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, most of the aided primary as well as secondary schools in Goa have set up such a facility in their campus.

Coming out with this information, education director Nagaraj Honnekeri said the aided schools need to have CCTV cameras in their campus as the number of students studying in them is large and therefore, it is very difficult for the teachers to keep a check on them.

“Although these schools have installed CCTV cameras, the department of education will now have to take a review to ensure that they are maintained properly and are in working condition,” he informed.

“However, we have no CCTV cameras in the government schools as the number of students in them is very limited, and rarely the students are allowed to move out of the school premises,” Honnekeri added, pointing out that whenever students

in government schools, especially government primary schools, move out of the school premises, say on the playground, they are always accompanied by their teachers.

“Besides, the government schools have gated complex and other security measures,” he noted, assuring that after the end of the school hours, the students in government primary schools are allowed to go home only with their parents or guardians.

The GSCPCR had sent a set of guidelines to the DoE in 2017, asking it to ensure strict compliance of the same by the schools.

The education director told this daily that the schools can use the funds received by them from the government under admissible expenditure to install the CCTV cameras in their campus.

“Under a government scheme, the schools receive Rs 400 per student, every month,” he said, adding that the managements of the schools can use these grants towards security measures by seeking prior permission of the DoE.

The guidelines had recommended mandatory installation of CCTV cameras on school premises, as well as at the main approach roads and entry, exit, and periphery. They had also asked to regularly monitor all classrooms, playgrounds, canteens and corridors, and further depute security guards to restrict unauthorised entry in the school premises.

As per the DoE, during the academic year 2018-19, there were 753 government primary schools, 42 government middle schools and 78 government high schools in Goa. The number of aided primary schools functional during the same period in the state was 404, while 16 aided middle schools and 338 aided high schools existed in Goa, during 2018-19.

The education department is also sensitising the teachers to control two important problems faced by school students namely bullying and eve-teasing, which affects their educational process.

Honnekeri stated that the two problems arise from the adolescent behaviour.

“Therefore, we sensitise our teachers through the adolescent education programme of the department, to control such unruly students,” he added, maintaining that one can find various behaviours in growing children such as leaning towards different types of vices, getting attracted to social evils and so on.

“The only way to control such tendencies is through the teachers,” Honnekeri observed, adding that teachers have to guide the students. “We therefore train the teachers through Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, health department, and even with the help of the Goa State AIDS Control Society,” he noted, stating that all the student-related topics are discussed in such adolescent education programme.

The education director said the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation has already taken up all the pending infrastructural works at the Cujira Educational Complex, including internal roads, which had been delayed due to the Lok Sabha election code of conduct.

“The committee, which is in place for monitoring the Cujira Educational Complex, will soon meet and review these works,” he stated, pointing out that the major problem at the educational complex is traffic chaos, and the same is being taken care of by placing traffic cops at the venue.  

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