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CCP keen on adopting MMC’s brainchild



Taking a cue from the Margao municipal council, the Corporation of the City of Panaji on Thursday expressed its keenness to implement the garbage sentinel scheme to keep the state capital clean.

CCP mayor Uday Madkaikar told ‘The Navhind Times’ that a garbage sentinel will be paid Rs 1000 for photographing and reporting illegal garbage dumping by the unconcerned citizens. 

“We too face the same problem that has dogged the Margao municipal council. People throw garbage in the night or in the early morning   along the roadsides, at the Rua de Ourem creek, into the Mandovi river and at the ferry point. This illegal waste dumping has been going on despite the door-to-door collection

 of the garbage every day.”

However, the mayor clarified that he will consult the CCP councillors before taking a final decision on launching the scheme in Panaji. 

“We will hold a council meeting on Friday…  I will put before my council members the proposal to ascertain their reaction. if they approve it then we will implement the scheme in toto,” he added.

Appreciating the garbage sentinel scheme of the MMC, Madkaikar said the hefty fine of Rs 5000 for garbage throwing should dissuade the people from throwing waste.

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