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CCP gets 1000 home delivery orders



After two days of continuous service by the Corporation of City of Panaji, on Friday they have received over 1000 orders from the citizen and as such from mayor,

Uday Madkaikar to the commissioner, Sanjit Rodrigues besides all other staff has been engaged but in packaging to meet the ever growing demands from the citizens within the city limits.

They have been busy trying to meet the target of 1000 order from the citizens as they had to cut short their supplies yesterday due to time crunch and short supply of required materials. Today they have received over 1000 orders but they are trying to meet the target of atleast 1000 which is possible only after working over time. 

The mayor had even send a very strong message to the grocery shop owners that if they are found selling commodities for higher price, then they would be penalised through strict action which may even lead cancelling of their license and even seal or cancelling their licenses.

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